Memories —

“My dad loved playing tennis, and he played at Slippery Rock Teachers College in Pennsylvania. He was one of those who would get to the ball and get it back over for the other guy to make the mistake. I was more of a power player and as a result, I very seldom beat him. Dad loved coaching the tennis team and spending time with those on it. It was one of his joys. One of the best days was when SLCC built tennis courts on campus. I still remember times when it was raining, we would put up a net in the gym and play inside. I will never forget the day we heard an odd noise while we were playing and finally, we realized it was the pocket change in my dad’s tennis shorts that kept hitting together as he was chasing the ball around the court. There are so many great memories that we had on and off the court as teammates. May God bless you as you continue to serve the Lord wherever you are.”

Walter McCaslin
1981-82 tennis player; 1982 graduate
The proud son of Keith McCaslin – our coach

Keith McCaslin coached the only 5 tennis teams, 1975, 1981-82, 1991-92

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