“Allow me to introduce myself. I am the Front Line News, your new alumni paper. I am here to bring YOU the latest news that I have on the developments of the Alumni Association of SLCC. I will try to keep you informed on all the ac­tivities that you should know about. I will be reporting on the latest happenings at ‘Good Ole’ SLCC.’ I will also be reporting on people. That should be very interesting! No, I won’t spread gossip, but I’ll sure have fun telling what I find ‘.out about people of the Association. By the way, if you hear anything that I should know, please let me know. I delight in spreading the word around for you. Well, I do hope that you get to know me better. I’ll be looking for­ward to coming to see you again next month.”

Front Line News Volume 1

To the best of our knowledge, Front Line News was published from December 1973 to October 1987.

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