As President of the Alumni Association and on behalf of the Steering Committee, I welcome you to our online community. As a proud alumnus of St. Louis Christian College (SLCC), I could not be prouder of SLCC’s accomplishments. SLCC successfully provided 66 years of high-quality educational opportunities to students, resulting in over 1,700 graduates. Today, many work in local churches and para-church organizations, and serve in diverse ways as pastors, missionaries, professors, community leaders, and many secular positions, letting Christ’s light shine through them there.

Serving as President of the Alumni Association for a number of years, it is an honor for me to continue serving on the Alumni Board, which is comprised of well-known leaders, alumni and trustees who are enthusiastic and committed to the college alumni. We are proud of those moments when we have celebrated the achievements of former students by recognizing them as Distinguished Alumni, and gathering at our annual Alumni Homecoming events and banquet.

If you have ever attended classes at SLCC, with or without graduating, you are Soldiers Forever members. The Alumni Association encourages continued success for our alumni and support for SLCC. As SLCC alumni, it is still our duty to help change the way the world works — by creating Christian leaders who have the experience to proclaim the Gospel in a broken world. One of the many ways we can do this is by making a gift to the SLCC Alumni Association. Your gifts, no matter the size, support this website and preserve the content it provides. If this website has been beneficial in some way, please consider making a contribution.

No matter where you may be, we look forward to connecting with you and hope you will take advantage of our alumni network. Please continue to visit us on the website and Facebook for information and resources.

On behalf of SLCC Alumni, welcome to the Soldiers Forever family!

Jason Slager

President of SLCC Alumni Association

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Jason Slager
Class of 2002

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